Great, now you can use the growth tools available in your tribe, such as the widget and RSS feeds, to help greatly enhance your blog while simultaneously growing your tribe (and referral pool). You also have access to a unique referral URL and invite codes if you want to link to it, or invite users manually. Once you have a steady flow of users coming to your tribe (and/or using the widget on your blog), you're set. Keep in mind that as the leader of your tribe, you are responsible for the initial seeding/growth of your tribe (as in the beginning it's just you), and you should regularly participate by posting content and engaging in discussions to keep it as busy as you can, especially during the first few weeks or months when your tribe is still in its infancy.

A busy community keeps readers engaged more, and is much more enticing for new users that stumble on your tribe (and/or blog if using the widget) to join and start participating. Your tribe's most popular posts (based on vote count) will naturally spread around Snapzu which will help existing Snapzu members find your tribe. Once you build up a member base of a few hundred initial users, things will gradually get easier as more and more members start participating and submitting relevant content, and it usually "snowballs" from there.