You obviously want to choose a tribe based on something that you have a passion in. We highly recommend you choose a niche/topic that is closely related to your blog to make it as easy to target and invite potentially interested users. Due to the vast and virtually limitless amount of niches and interests out there, there are tons of great tribe names still available. Here are some examples of general tribe ideas:

  • Location oriented tribe (ex: /t/newyorkcity or /t/canada):
    A tribe that's focused on a geographical area. You and your members can discuss local subjects, share local news, pics, videos, and such.

  • Interests tribe (ex: /t/gardening, /t/books, /t/entrepreneurship, /t/birds, /t/diy, etc.):
    A tribe focused mainly on a general interest. This is the most popular tribe type as there are nearly endless amounts of topics and interests out there, especially in all the smaller niches.

  • Current Event tribe (ex: /t/donaldtrump, /t/makingamurderer, etc.):
    These types of tribes usually have a fast growth rate while a significant event is hot and popular news.