This guide will take you through the really quick process of installing your Community Embed Widget right into your WP blog's sidebar. If you encounter an issue while customizing your tribe visual preferences, please be sure to submit a support ticket and we will be happy to help you along the way.

Step 1.

Login into your admin area on your website so that you can make changes to your blog.

Step 2.

On the left sidebar look for "Appearance" button, it's about half way down the menu and click on it to expand a sub-menu, once expanded click on the "Widgets" sub-section to access your widgets panel.

Step 3.

Locate the "Text" widget as shown below from the list and click on it. Doing so will bring up a new popover menu.

Step 4.

This popover menu will have a number of available options, however "Main Sidebar" should be selected by default. If not, be sure to select the "Main Sidebar" option. Click on the "Add Widget" button once you're all set and continue to next step.

Step 5.

Once you add your "Text" widget, you will be able to give it a title and paste the widget embed code into the "Content" portion of the popover. The example below shows the widget code for our /t/BES tribe, you of course need to copy and paste your own widget code. Don't forget to save!

Step 6.

You're all set! Be sure to check your blog and refresh to make sure your widget appears as it should. We highly recommend changing the order of your sidebar widgets so that your community widget is at the top!

Below is an example of how our Blog Enhancement Suite blog's main sidebar order is configured, notice our widget is at the top.