There are several ways as explained in the BES Homepage, including:

  • Audience: Your tribe's top posts will make it in various areas of Snapzu such as user feeds and the front page, constantly introducing it to other existing Snapzu members who may then choose to join and participate in your tribe. These posts are also shared by us on major social networks such as Twitter, Medium, Wordpress, and Blogspot/Blogger. Note: These examples are from our Snapzu Science and Space category.

  • Content: Once you have a booming tribe with a few hundred active members, additional related content will be flowing left, right and center. Linking to or embedding your tribe's user-generated content on your blog will significantly increase your blog's value and social functionality.

  • Social features/interaction: Your users will be able to participate in almost all aspects of your tribe (and/or widget). From the content shown, to discussions, to voting, etc. Almost all aspects of Snapzu's functionality are focused with the community in mind.

  • Monetization: When someone receives "Platinum" status on Snapzu, they get it across all tribes, not just yours. This alone provides incredible value across the entire Snapzu platform and becomes much more likely they will renew month after month. Each of your community members is a potential recurring revenue source, where 50% goes directly to you. In today's ad-block dominated web, it's hard to make money off just ads, and a program like ours can go a long way to earn you an additional long-term stream of revenue.