It's the perfect combination and ideal situation where we can leverage our individual strengths and help each other mutually. Of all the people out there, we've found that bloggers are among the most (if not the most) qualified to run communities, because not only do they already show passion and/or have expertise in a specific topic or niche, they also have the dedication it takes, having already taken the necessary steps to set up and establish their blog. For those fortunate enough to have, a large existing audience can also be of massive help in seeding initial community members to start getting engaged and getting the "ball rolling".

As a community leader you can create and grow your blog (and its community) on the Snapzu platform, while enhancing your blog with incredible social features, increasing audience, content, and engagement, and even securing an additional source of revenue. In turn, we handle the hosting, development, marketing, and further expansion of the platform, letting you laser focus on your blog (and community), and of course, your member count (referral pool). This proven business model makes an ideal setting for a suite of tools like this to thrive on a community platform of this size.