This guide will take you through the steps of customizing the general, visual and moderation aspects of your tribe and embed widget. If you don't want that default look of your embed, this is the area that will allow you to customize your community exactly to your style. If you encounter an issue while customizing your tribe visual preferences, please be sure to submit a support ticket and we will be happy to help you along the way.

This guide consists of 5 parts, scroll down to the part you need additional information on.

  • Part One: Locating your Tribe Management area
  • Part Two: Managing the General Settings area
  • Part Three: Managing the Visual Settings area
  • Part Four: Managing Banned Users area
  • Part Five: Managing Moderator Access area

Part ONE: Locating your Tribe Management area

Step 1.

Access your blogger control panel. You can do so by clicking on your avatar from the top menu of Snapzu. Look for a black button called Wallet / Control Panel and click into it.

Step 2.

You will now be in your Blogger Control Panel Overview area. Look for the sub-tab called TRIBES, and click into it to show all of your active tribe communities.


Step 3.

You should now see a list of tribes. For those who are new, you may just have one tribe listed. Click on the Manage button within your tribe as shown in the below example to access your tribe tools > Manage Tribe section.

Step 4.

You will now find yourself in the tribe tools > manage tribe area where you have access to such sections as "General Settings", "Visual Settings", "Banned Users" and "Moderator Access". These sections will allow you to customize your tribe banner, flag, name and rules as well as other settings such as type of community, moderator control and banned accounts.

Part TWO: Managing the General Settings area

Step 1.

Find the "General Settings" tab.

Once there, you can configure your Tribe Mode so that your community is just the right fit for your blog/website.


There are a total of 3 tribe modes, use the radio buttons to choose the mode that is right for you.

Available Tribe Modes:

    Public Mode allows everyone on Snapzu to submit content to and start discussions in your tribe. Anyone can also vote to help curate the positioning of content. This mode is specifically designed to allow for maximum participation and engagement from your community and readership.

    Curated Mode allows only a short list of permitted users to post content to the tribe, however everyone can still see and vote on its contents. This option gives tighter control on what gets posted, and by whom. The curated mode is for those of you who do not wish to allow your readership to contribute content to your tribe and thus embed widget.

    Discussion Mode allows only discussions (Text Posts) to be posted in it. It's designed to function more similarly to a traditional forum with increased social functionality. If you're looking to use your tribe and accompanying embed widget as more of a forum/discussion platform for your blog, then this mode will allow you to do just that.

Step 2.

The second step is to configure your Tribe Title and Description.


  1. Tribe Title
    Your tribe title is not the same as your tribe name (ie. /t/bes/). Your tribe title is editable and will appear at the top of your tribe's embed widget as well as within the banner area of your tribe community. Your tribe title should be descriptive of your community an blog.

  2. Description
    You tribe description should fully describe what your tribe is about.

Step 3

The third step is to setup your own custom Tribe Rules.


The tribe rules area allows you to create a set of specific custom rules for your tribe community. Snapzu has a set of default rules that it displays within communities that do not have specifically created rules, however this is a great place to specify exactly how you want your community to engage.

Part Three: Managing the Visual Settings area

Step 1.

Locate the "Visual Settings" tab located to the right of the general settings tab.

Once there, you can configure your Tribe Flag to add some branding to your tribe community and embed widget.

Configuring your tribe flag is as easy as uploading a high resolution image of the graphic that you would like to represent your tribe community. It's recommended to use a high quality image (minimum of 200x200 pixels) so that your tribe flag is of the best possible quality.

Step 2.

The second step is to configure your Tribe Banner from a set of 3 options.

Available Banner Options:

  1. Default Banner
    All tribes begin their existence with the custom grey banner. It is not recommended to leave your tribe with this banner, it's plain, and shows no character. We highly recommend either using the pattern or the custom banner option!
  2. Generate Pattern
    The generate pattern lets you very quickly select a Background and Foreground pattern for your tribe. We recommend playing around with the millions of available combinations to create the perfect pattern for your tribe banner which will also appear on your embed widget.

  3. Custom Upload
    If you're looking for the ultimate customization option, we recommend the custom banner upload option. Simply create a banner that is exactly 1680 pixels wide and 153 pixels tall and upload it. Your banner with automatically appear within your tribe community as well as your embed.

Part FOUR: Managing Banned Users area

Locate the "Banned Userstab located to the right of the visual settings tab.

Once there, you can configure your Banned Users settings to remove trouble makers from your community.

Adding someone to your banned users list will remove their ability to post content into your tribe community.

We currently do not have any banned users in our example image above, however adding them to the list also give you an option to remove them.

Part FIVE: Managing Moderator Access area

Locate the "Moderatorstab located to the right of the banned users tab.

Once there, you can configure Moderator Access settings to add trusted members to help you run and manage your tribe.

Adding someone to be a moderator is easy, simply search for their username and follow the instructions to add them to your mod list.

It's important to know that the user you wish to promote to moderator MUST be a member of your tribe, if they are not, searching for them will not locate them.