Your reputation score is the sum of collected votes that illustrates the dynamically changing feedback from your more recent engagements based on up/down votes received from the rest of the Snapzu community.

A good way to visualize reputation is to imagine a literal pool that holds a limited amount of up and down votes instead of water. As time passes incoming votes will replace (spill out) the oldest votes and thus change the ratio within the pool. Your reputation score is the number of up votes vs the number of down votes currently in that pool which changes daily.

Because reputation needs to be contextual, it cannot be a forever increasing number where the user with the most reputation has the highest score, this wouldn't really be considered reputation as there is no benchmark to compare it to and would be useless in the context of what reputation should represent.

Because reputation is calculated from a ratio (up vs down votes) and then converted into a number represented by a percentage it can never truly reach 100%. In addition, as Snapzu's community grows, the benchmark score (currently 99%) will decrease as the number of users and their general approach to down voting increases.

This means that a peak reputation today will not be attainable a few months down the road. Don't panic however, this is all relative to the benchmark score which is dictated by the ever changing landscape of the Snapzu community!

You can locate your reputation score in a yellow circle when mousing over your own avatar (in place of the green circle showing your level). You can also view other member's reputation scores in the same manner.