It all depends on how you want it delivered.

  1. Your home feed (must be logged in) provides raw live postings of snaps, text posts, comments & contributions into a neat easy to follow activity stream. There are 3 available feed options:
  • The "Following" feed shows all activity by the members you follow.
  • The “Tribes” feed allows you to see activity from all the tribes you are a member of.
  • The "Saved" feed shows all activity/updates associated with the snaps you have saved.

2. Dedicated tribes (like /t/technology) are specific topic focused communities where users share all kinds of cool stuff like links, pics, and videos and have discussions about them. Members can join these tribes and acquire "Tribe Mastery" with activity.

3. The "Front Page" shows all recent content sorted by its popularity (votes) displayed in boxes on a large grid. The larger the box, the higher voted content it is. Users can switch from the grid view to a more traditional list view.

4. Category "Front Pages" focus on more specific categories such as Science, Business, Video, etc. These are accessible by using the drop-down menu named "Browse by category" located just above the Front Page grid/list, to the right.